“Give me 150%!”

I am not sure where I first heard some one ask for “150%”.  In business, we clearly like to show increase above 100%. We can chart growth by measuring the percentages of increase or decrease. Let’s face it. It’s a lot of fun to tell a potential client that other clients have experienced a 4,400% increase in social media impressions, reach or engagement. Who doesn’t want that experience?!

I hear coaches, employers, teachers and parents demanding more than 100%. The problem is that we humans can’t give more than 100%. It is impossible to give more than 100%.

Let’s go back to elementary school.  100% is a whole.  100 pennies equals a whole dollar.  We base everything off of 100.  If we give everything we have, don’t we give 100%?  How can we ever give more than 100% of what we have available?  When we ask one another to give more than what is possible, we automatically set that person up for failure.

What if we just asked and expected 100% of what they were capable of each and every day, each and every time, each and every way?  The best.  100% of capacity. The most we can ask of anybody, including and especially ourselves is 100%. Isn’t it time we were honest in our expectations?