Music is in my blood.  There is no getting away from it. One of the highlights of my 3 years in radio was getting to meet some pretty amazing and business savvy musicians.  Last summer I have the chance to visit with James “JY” Young from the band STYX about the business of music. Specifically, how it has changed over his career. He talked about how when they first started out, they sent out tapes to radio stations and DJ’s played them. They worked hard and success came. I asked him what he would tell an up and coming artist today. He sighed and said, “It takes money to make it in music today. It isn’t enough to just be talented. DJ’s don’t have the option of playing a single like they used to, so you have to find other ways.”

One such artist is Drew Six.  I first met Drew four years ago when he played at the launch party of my radio show. He played everything from Bon Jovi, to Garth Brooks and Johnny Cash. I was completely impressed.  It was fun to watch him walk up the main isle on the floor at the Bon Jovi concert and hear all the whispers wondering if he himself were Jon Bon Jovi.

Over the following years, I watched Drew’s career take off.  From the amazing lyrics and melody of “We Choose Livin'” to the intense, driving beat of his latest release “The Bull”, Drew has that mysterious “it” factor.

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April 4, 2015, Drew took the stage at Kansas City’s Kill Devil Club for the release of “The Bull”. He entertained a crowd of over 300 people with his original music and finished off the evening with “The Bull”  featuring D Major PiCa$o.  My only regret was that I wasn’t down front to dance.

Drew has figured out the formula for keeping his hometown fans and a career that is taking off! “The Bull” is just the beginning!

Mindy Hart

While not the video from last night, you can hear exactly why this song should be played on every country station in the country: