The conversation goes something like this:

“I don’t think my marketing efforts are working. I think I am going to change my focus.”

Before we jump ship on your marketing plan, let’s talk about it’s performance so far.  Have you had any phone calls or visits to your business you can attribute to the marketing effort? How about your website? Increased traffic? Social media click through rates? Are they low (under 2%), on target (2 -3%) or are they higher (greater than 5%)?

Where are you directing them to in your marketing?  If you asked them to go from social media to your website and the click through rate indicates they are doing just that, then your marketing is working! If you sent them to the physical address of your business and you are experiencing increased traffic, again your marketing is working.

Uh oh.  You aren’t convinced it is working because you haven’t experienced an increase in sales during your marketing campaign?  The sad truth is this… if people are engaging with you on social media, clicking through to your website or otherwise taking action from your marketing and are still not making the conversion to purchaser then the problem isn’t in the advertising or marketing.

If you have a good or high click through rate then you have to look at your website.  Is it clear what the consumer is supposed to do when they get there? Is it designed with the consumer in mind or the business owner? Many websites are actually at cross purposes with the goals of the business.

If the consumer is calling your business or walking through your door, what is that experience like? Will it inspire them to purchase or window shop? Many businesses try to educate the consumer about every offering they have but don’t realize in doing so the consumer is actually alienated and won’t purchase.

Supposing all of the above is true. The consumer is clicking through, calling, emailing or visiting your place of business and social media pages. The conversation isn’t happening because once they are engaged the sale isn’t closed. This makes the website and social media sites and design critical. Additionally, the training of your staff to handle and close the sale in person or on the phone is essential.

So what does all of this mean?  Your marketing has to be a 360 degree focus. All of the various forms of media,marketing and advertising won’t help if you can’t close the sale when they go to your website, visit your place of business or make the phone call.

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