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Here we are the day after the World Series win at Citi Field in New York City.  Royals’ fans everywhere struggled with whether or not to win the Series there or bring the boys home to Kansas City and finish it here.

Last year, I wrote a blog about what business owners can learn from the Royals…. This year it is the World who has something to learn.

  1. Never Give Up- Yes, this win ended 29 years of waiting, believing and praying. To win on the 30th year is AMAZING. What can we learn from it? All things worth waiting for are worth the investment. As parents we want our children to grow up and have all the opportunities of the world in front of them. Many times we see that come to pass when they are about 30.


In marriages, hitting the 30 year mark means you have overcome great obstacles, had victories along the way-and failures, celebrated holidays together and worked hard to come to that moment of “making it” 30 years.


In the professional world, we come in to our own after working for 30 years no matter the profession.  There is wisdom there. There is dedication there. There is multiple levels of tangible and intangible wealth there.

Nearly 11,000 days made this World Series what it was. Every day players, managers, coaches and fans seeing the dream. Working for it. Bad day or game? Never give up.  Bad year? Never Give Up. Bad decade? Never, Never Give Up! 30 years? That’s nothing. We have more to go!

Think of every couple you see still together in the “rocking years”. They will tell you they never gave up.  Think of every business owner celebrating milestones. They will tell you they never gave up. Think of every victor over domestic abuse. They will tell you they never gave up. Think of all the hundreds of thousands of people out there with a story about how they never gave up.


  1. Win or Lose, It’s HOW you PLAY the Game- Last year we made it to the World Series. We fought hard and we didn’t walk away with the crown. We endured our players being hit, poor calls and an obvious bias by the announcers. Yet, when we finished the last game we did so with class. The team. The fans. Everyone. We set out to win in 2015.


So let’s talk about 2015. We were consistent. We had our eye on the prize. We played this series with great respect. These players took the high road and STILL took the crown.  They played great ball.  Now, that isn’t saying there weren’t a few colorful moments. But, overall, our team represented this city, their fans, their families with great pride and reverence. They supported one another. They showed every kid out there that how you play the game matters. Win or lose, they have modeled everything in the last two years that a parent of a player or fan needs to know.


  1. Love Your City- Yes. Our fountains turn Blue. Fans wear blue or sometimes red if the Chiefs are playing. Our Boys in Blue join fans at the Power & Light because they WANT to, not because they have to. They unite the city. It doesn’t matter what part of the city you are in, total strangers walking tall, with pride, greet one another with a renewed sense of community.


Yes. We will take our kids out of school for the parade.  There is much to learn about our world we cannot learn in a classroom.  We want our kids to love our city as much as we do. Sharing this moment with them teaches them about valuing our city, our community. Indeed it teaches them that hard work pays off, that life is not about days, weeks or months. It is about staying the course, finishing what you start and doing it with dignity. No matter the outcome. So, yes, we will bring our kids and let them experience the joy in being a part of a community (thus they protect it as they grow older).



  1. Keep It Classy- How we lost last year and how we won this year, that is the measure of the team and their fans. Kansas City celebrated last night with fireworks and cheers. Media covered the excitement at Power & Light, not shenanigans as in other past wins. Kansas City… YOU did your team proud. We stood up. We cheered. We held our ground. We advocated for our team. We protested, with civility, bias from announcers once again. We took the high road. And it looks pretty amazing from here.


  1. Strategy- How many times did Ned Yost tell them our strategy? And still they did not believe. We were strong and steady. We had an amazing line up. This game was won by a TEAM not one person. They ended last season with a goal. Started this season with that goal. Applied sound strategy and didn’t lose sight of it.

Life lessons don’t come much better than that. Whatever the goal in life, there is always a way. It isn’t “if” you can do it. It’s “HOW are you going to do it”. Apply a strategy, work it, refine it, work it again, refine it again, and work it again… this is how it is done.


You see, Ewing Kauffman knew what he was doing when he left the team to the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, tasking them with very specific guidelines and conditions to the sale of the team. He knew what a legacy the team was to Kansas City.


Thank you Kansas City.  Thank you Royals fans. Thank you to each and every Royals player.  Thank you for teaching the world a few lessons on community, family and sportsmanship.

#ForeverRoyal #TaketheCrown #WorldSeries2015


** Union Station photo used with permission